About Us

Where it all started

Krumb Snackerz is based in the world famous borough of Brooklyn in NYC. It was established in April, 2016 and has become a key snack selling company. Dishing out lots of tasty flavors to customers to keep them coming back for more.  Krumb Snackerz popularity and growth in business is tied to uniqueness in making snacks. With emphasis on mouth watering flavors.

The Mission

The company, due to what it stands for, has a simple, yet defined mission. Its mission is to create a snack simple yet unique enough for any age group to enjoy at home, work, school or on the go. That is to say, all age groups are covered, with our unique and healthy snacks.

Krumb Snackerz are made of strictly potato chip and chocolate crumbs which make the combinations endless. It’s a quick snack for on the go or your favorite party snacks. Therefore, Krumb Snackerz should always be your go to source of snacks at all times. With 12 flavors to choose from you have a wide range to pick your favorite from.

What's your flavor?

The White Chocolate Cheese Krumb has become a fan favorite. There are still a lot of flavors to fall in love with. There is always this natural tendency that you would sing the praises of Krumb Snackerz to people, including introducing family and friends to the awesome experience of patronizing Krumb Snackerz.

Each snack is unique in its own way, with individual flavors making them special treat. The 12 flavors are packaged properly for customers, it even includes a spoon. An introduction to each of the snacks will help you know their compositions, and what you stand to get.

Life’s full of flavors, what's your flavor? Krumb Snackerz...

Hello Brooklyn.